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One of the special features of this website is that this website to you guys first after arrival Notification to you You will get to see the result and admit card.And one important thing is that If you want to contact us directly there are many such websites On which you cannot talk directly.But all of you can contact directly on this website.And you can also talk to us.


WhatsApp : to talk to us you guys some social media can talk like.For example, many students use WhatsApp.All of you can talk to us on WhatsApp direct.


FACEBOOK : All of you can follow us on Facebook so that you can get notification first.And through this you all get the information first.


TELEGRAM : If all of you are also users of Telegram. So there we are too keep follow So all of you can add us to our group by clicking on this telegram link so that all of you can get the information first.


INSTAGRAM : As you all know that through Instagram you can talk to anyone in the whole world through messages.


EMAIL ID : You can also contact us by email id. ( )


NOTICE : The name of this social media has been told Aap Logon Ko If any problem comes, then you can contact us through any social media.Like telegram, Instagram, Facebook and email id You can contact us through so that we can solve this problem together.

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